A : Upon doing the highest damage on a boss you will award one Boss Point this is a currency that is used for random rewards,visit the BossPointsTrader at TC also you can get soul p6 from PVE points , PVE points can be gained from killing Lava beasts at F6 & DarkDemoon at TC DarkDemon spawns every hour at xx:05, also you can kill 300k monsters and gain 30 PVE points from 300k quest at TC Finally you can trade 15 P4/5 souls for 1 Random P6 or 18 P4/5 souls for 1 P6 From SoulsTrader NPC at TC .

A : You can make an archer and kill the monsters to get 3-7 cps you can also gain DragonBalls and exchange them for CPs at CPAmdmin in market.

A : Refineries are dropped by the LavaBeasts in FronzenGrotto 6 , You can also get it from Hunting monsters and collecting Medium Refinery pack

A : All the attacks are ballanced by 100% so there is no strongest class.You can play with any class that you used to play with it .

A : CarbonConquer is uploaded to best servers so the ping starts from 30 to 50 and it's depend on your Network Connection .

A : You get OnlinePoints which can be used through the OnlinePointsManager to trade for items also u can get BoundCps and convert to normal cps.

A : DonationPoints are the in-game currency to buy items from our DonationShop. Please visit PrizeOfficer in Market to see the shop .